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Makes it possible for you to manage your own web site using our powerful tools.

A Content Management System that is powerful, affordable and easy to use.

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a Customized Content Management System (cms)...
that efficiently works for you and your business' immediate needs.
Launch your own website...
WebLaunch gets you started
  • Manage the content and layout of your Web Site.
  • Upload images, graphics, videos any time.
  • Create your links to other Web Pages or Sites.
  • Set up your own Menu and Navigation Structure.
  • Affordable, simple, and fast!
Boost your Momentum Website...
with POWERFUL Customer Management Tools:
  • Manage unique Calendars for employees, departments, customers.
  • The Task Manager assigns and tracks customer requests, sales quotes, and other business action items.
  • Upload a Picture Gallery of your products and services.
  • Allow your Customers to access secured areas of your WebLaunch website,
  • Generate Emails to select group of customers.
Let your Sales takeoff with eFlight
user-configurable e-commerce shopping cart software package.
Increase your sales and expand your customer base.

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» Finally, a custom CMS for my business...

» Excellent support, professional and you delivered above my expectations... Huge for my business. - Thank you!